Our cash in transit service features:

  • The most sophisticated cash in transit vehicle in Myanmar
  • Fail-secure systems and procedures
  • Remote tracking, with operations monitored in real-time from a command centre
  • Procedures in line with international standards and practices
  • Fully insured


Exera Cash-in-Transit Brochure (pdf: 1.6M)


Email: enquiry@exera.asia
Telephone: +95 (0)1 514-001

Leading in cash in transit services

As the only provider of international-standard cash in transit (CiT) services in Myanmar, we’ve earned a reputation for safely, securely, and successfully transporting valuables throughout the country. We’ve achieved this by acquiring the right remote tracking and monitoring systems and strictly adhering to global best practices in all our operating procedures while also tapping in to our extensive knowledge of the local market.

A team of professionals

Exera’s qualified CiT officers ensure that your cash and high-value items are always in safe hands. All our CiT services are executed by a highly trained team that includes an operations manager, a trained driver, cash handling officers, and command centre monitoring. All of our CiT operators have:

  • Extensive experience in the best way to plan and execute CiT operations.
  • Comprehensive vetting, including stringent background checks.
  • Consistent training and instruction in the latest CiT techniques.
  • Specialized driving training, including defensive driving techniques.
  • Qualified to use state-of-the-art transportation, security, and monitoring systems.

International standards

Our broad expertise in CiT operations makes us the leading provider in Myanmar and the number one choice for transporting valuables. This expertise is based on three elements:

  • Extensive knowledge in all aspects of CiT, including equipment and vehicle use, standard operating procedures, and fail-safe systems, and adherence to international best practices.
  • Understanding of the local environment, including the threats, risks, and vulnerabilities of Myanmar’s developing economy.
  • Strong working relationships with Myanmar’s security forces and the ability to collaborate with them as needed.

Our operations managers work closely with clients to develop the best possible CiT plan based on our knowledge and your needs. All CiT operations undergo extensive planning and risk analysis before being carried out. No matter what the situation, both planned and unplanned, we guarantee that our CiT team is prepared to ensure a successful outcome.

Securing Myanmar