“On Friday 15 May 2020, EXERA provided Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) to a team of 6 International SOS doctors deploying to challenging locations around Myanmar.

The purpose of the training is to help the students understand the security risk management framework and how to identify, prioritise and mitigate key risks; including critical situations such as shootings, kidnapping, explosive devices, cyclone and other natural disasters.

Martin Michalon, Head of Risk Management, gave a briefing about the security situation in Rakhine State and Reuben Paul, our Senior Security Adviser gave practical advice about how to plan, prepare and operate in difficult and challenging environments.

Mark Wakeford, EXERA CEO, said “We are Myanmar’s leading security company and pleased to provide this HEAT training to ensure their safety and well being whilst deployed to challenging locations. We wish them all well and look forward to a safe return”.

Guillame Sautier, Managing Director for International SOS Myanmar said “We are pleased with the training provided by EXERA. EXERA have the capability and expertise to provide this training and are our first choice with this type of security training for our staff.”

For further information on Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), please email enquiry@exera.asia or Dr Martin Michalon (Head of Risk) at m.michalon@exera.asia