Leading in people

Exera’s in the people business, and our premier security team has earned its reputation for consistently delivering excellence. See what makes our team of security professionals different:

  • Our multinational security professionals combines the best aspects of international experience with local knowledge;
  • Our executive team has over 100 years’ combined experience in the security sector;
  • We bring together professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including western militaries, the diplomatic services, the legal profession, the police force, and NGOs;
  • All our staff – both local and international – are recruited based on formal processes in line with the best international practices;
  • Regular training keeps Exera staff up to date and equipped to provide the highest quality services;
  • We have over 1,000 staff operating in every state and division of Myanmar;
  • We have the most extensive network of regional experts in Myanmar providing unparalleled on-the-ground support; and
  • Our team members all share a passion for the people and culture of Myanmar.


Exera managers, whether from Myanmar or from overseas, utilise our broad experience to guarantee we keep providing you with the service you deserve. Members of our team have held senior and influential positions in NATO militaries, the diplomatic services, the legal profession, police and NGOsOur deep roots in the country mean that our leadership team have the business, diplomatic, and commercial connections required to constantly be at the cutting edge of operations in Myanmar.

Local knowledge is key to the services we provide. Exera staff come from the communities where they work, giving them unique insight into the situation on the ground. Our vision is to harness the energy and creativity of the people of Myanmar and ally it with the Exera commitment to reliability, integrity and trust that underpins our business. We train our staff to the highest levels, delivering for our clients, and building capacity in this fast evolving society.The excellence of our people shapes the excellence of our services. We offer tailor made solutions to address all your security and risk needs. We offer the flexibility and creativity that is required in a country that is undergoing rapid and transformative change. The relationships our team build enable us to adapt to meet your needs.

Securing Myanmar