Security Training

Our security training services in Myanmar include:

  • Defensive and 4×4 driver training
  • Fleet manager courses
  • Hostile environment awareness training
  • Security guard and manager training

Leading in security training

Security Guard Basic training course is Exera’s four-day package to qualify protective officers to the level established by the UK Security Industry Authority (SIA). Exera’s Basic course satisfies UK SIA’s standard for both Security Officers and Door Supervisors. This courses focuses on security fundamentals with emphasis on access control, patrolling and counter-surveillance.

Security Guard Supervisor course is a two-day top-up course provided in addition to the Basic course for those personnel who will be assuming the responsibilities of Shift Supervisor, Site Security Supervisor or Guard Commander. The course provides further detail on leadership, management and rostering of personnel and incident management.

Penetration testing will consist of a monthly test of the security arrangements at the client’s sites. The timing and nature of the tests will vary, as defined in cooperation with you and will be managed discreetly to ensure that the tests are not anticipated by the security staff. Tests will be conducted by one of a number of different individuals (both foreign and local, as required) and will be followed up with a detailed report of the test, the security staff reactions observed by the evaluators, and any particular deficiencies noted. A comprehensive remediation plan will then be developed to enable you to address the gaps identified.

Exera is an ISO 9001:2008 company that delivers services compliant with the OHSAS 18001 occupational health & safety standards, and our instruction reflects these high standards. With a specialty module specifically addressing the nexus between private security and human rights, Exera’s security guard course applies the highest standards available in Myanmar. Training is delivered through both academic instruction and practical demonstration. Students must pass a final assessment before being awarded their certification.

Securing Myanmar